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"Strength training makes you better"

What frustrates me the most is to see someone beat down and hurt after putting in years of effort.

Fitness shouldn't make your life harder and more expensive. Done right, strength training and nutrition should make you better, not worse. In my mind, strength training is the core element of fitness which so many people are missing out on.



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My program is designed to help you reshape your lifestyle by adopting healthy habits and breaking unhealthy ones.

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Become stronger and attain better muscle tone as I teach you how to exercise with perfect form.

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Proper nutrition is an essential complement to exercise for high energy, and lasting health.

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Learn how to leverage the science of mindset and health behavior change to better encourage a growth mindset

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Even the best of efforts won't be enough without a clear and effective plan. People who come to me are hard workers, but they are also chronically fatigued and injury-prone.

I've done well with this kind of athlete because I know what it's like, and I've had to solve this exact problem for myself.

Working out is essential for optimal performance and health.

Still, without a proper plan, progress can be non-existent and physically draining and injury-inducing.

No one in their right mind would continue to go through all the stress and effort of getting in shape when their hard work isn't paying off, and you don't know what you're doing wrong.

Enter "The 3 Week Jumpstart".

I invented this program to lay the proper foundations for a strong and athletic physique.  Inside this program, you'll have access to a top-notch training plan, video explanations, demonstrations, and a direct line of communication to chat with me at any time.

Every client I have ever worked with has used this progression.

It's proven to work for advanced athletes, everyday people and perfect for anyone looking to get back in shape. So I'll ask you - are you ready to get on track?

If so, then stop spinning your wheels and join me on this 3-week program today.


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My blog is like pushups for your brain. Get better results by growing your brain muscles with the free content I post here.

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What People Are Saying

Katya headshot

- Katya Babs

"I had such a bad compression in my back I couldn't even lift the bar and now I'm squatting with the bar on my neck and shoulders. Thank you Will Barker for always pushing me and lifting me up. I'm so thankful for someone as strong and knowledgeable as you in my life! You're the best!"

barb headshot

- Barbara Watkins

"Problems of working with Will Barker... your pants keep falling down while walking your dog. Note to self: wear different pants!."

Eric sitting

- Eric Boyce

"I get my programs from Will! Honestly the only reason I can lift now is cause of Will. He got me healthy enough to start going heavy again."

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