Eat Like A Vegan - But With Meat


Many people eat far too much meat for what their body needs, and most people eat far too few vegetables for what their body needs.

No one is doubting that vegetables are good for you, but anything taken to the extreme can be dangerous. Vegan/vegetarian diets do Expose you to a host of preventable nutrient deficiencies. 

Sure, on a macro level it looks good, but when you get down to the micros, being optimally healthy is no easy task and imposing the unnecessary restrictions of a vegan/vegetarian diet does further predispose you to nutrient deficiencies in protein, specific amino acids, iron, B vitamins, and calcium.

To further compound these deficiencies, they are often unnoticed for the first few months because you’ve done a wonderful thing such as cutting out all the crap food you eat on a daily basis.

The problem with your diet wasn’t the meat; it was the poor quality food, and once your body runs out of the nutrients it has stored many individuals find themselves with low/irregular energy levels, unexplained injuries, depression, and poor digestive health.

Anything taken to the extreme can be dangerous.


In summary:

“eat like a vegan, but with meat. “ - Charles Poliquin

-Will Barker